What Fiberglass Inground Pool Accessories & Options Should I Consider?

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It's easy to think that fiberglass pools are made on an assembly line, in "every Model T is black" mode, but nothing could be further from the truth. The innovation and choice available to sun-seeking pool buyers is amazing. Start with size and shape. And, of course, classic shapes like rectangles, semi-ovals and kidney beans. There are also classic designs, such as a rectangular pool with an arched entrance. More recently, there have been bolder, free-flowing or "wavy" pool shapes that perfectly match the deep blue tones of the fiberglass gel coating.


They can be tailored to your lifestyle. They had a dry depression inside the pool. The area could be a dining table, a poker game, a fire pit or a poolside bar with a refrigerator. They can be customised with LED lighting and sound as well as design elements such as wood trim, tiles or stone. It can even be covered with a sundeck or putting green. There are few limits to where your creativity can take you!

Perhaps you fell in love with classic stone architectural lines and succinctly designed landscape architecture while on vacation in Europe? Be the master of your manor! Your fiberglass pool design can become a design element in a magnificent backyard scene. The carefully selected stone swimming pool, manicured lawns and nearby woods offer relaxation, elegance and charm. Oh, pool boy!

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