Absorb overseas wisdom and pursue excellence in craftsmanship——My trip to International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo

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I had the pleasure of attending the highly anticipated International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo (International Pool, Spa & Patio Expo). This expo provided me with a rare opportunity to explore overseas craftsmanship with industry experts and manufacturers from around the world, and to seek ways to enhance our own.

My trip to International Pool

Stepping into the expo site, I was immediately attracted by the overseas craftsmanship and advanced technology displayed. Exhibitors from all over the world showcased the latest swimming pool manufacturing technologies, materials and equipment. Whether it is innovative construction methods, high-quality material selection or intelligent system applications, these demonstrations have demonstrated the leading position and innovative capabilities of the overseas FRP swimming pool industry. When I visited the booth, I had in-depth communication and learning with many international manufacturers and process experts. They are happy to share their experience and technology, explain their process flow, quality control standards and product innovation. Through the interaction with them, I have a deep understanding of the key role of technology, and how to improve the quality and competitiveness of products through improving technology. During the expo, I also participated in a number of workshops and lectures covering areas such as process innovation, market trends and sustainable development. During these activities, I discussed the latest trends and future development directions of overseas craftsmanship with experts and colleagues in the industry. These lectures not only let me know the latest developments in the industry, but also inspired my determination to introduce innovative craftsmanship in my own fiberglass swimming pool company. After returning to China, I applied what I had learned to my FRP swimming pool production process. By introducing and improving overseas technology, I am committed to improving the quality and performance of products to meet customers' needs for high-quality swimming pools. At the same time, I will also actively cooperate with domestic craftsmen and manufacturers to explore localized innovative crafts and contribute to the development of the domestic FRP swimming pool industry. Continuous pursuit of excellence in your own fiberglass pool company. After returning to China, I realized the importance of combining overseas craftsmanship with local needs. Therefore, I actively cooperate with domestic craft experts and manufacturers to open up new ways of innovation and improve the level of craftsmanship.

My trip to International Pool-1

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